Tradición e Innovación

El binomio que nos permite mantener el mimo y la sostenibilidad frente a la pasión por innovar y ofrecer vanguardia


Respect for traditional culture and times that marks the land. The two variables that make the difference in Viña Alondra and its ecological wines



Our grapes ferment in cluster, making the grape juice take character before being extracted


The land and water help us get an innovative range of wines. Buried or submerged, two rest which gives our wines soul and balance

Winery Viña Alondra, La Moraña

In the region of La Moraña, Avila, rainfall is scarce and its impact is a performance by strain low, but creating a high-quality wine grapes.

Our wines get reflect the nature of the terrain where the grapes ripen: aromas of resin from the pine trees surrounding the vineyard, and mineral notes from the sandy ground that rooted its strains.

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Quiénes somos

Nuestro equipo de profesionales y amantes de la vid
enrique viña alondra

Enrique Castelló

Founder and Executive Director
Almudena Castello

Almudena Castelló

Founder and Soumiller
luis viña alondra

Luis Castelló

Founder and Tech Director


Hablamos de nuestra pasión

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