We are not satisfied with maintaining the ancient strains of Grenache, but that increase the surface and plant new strains of variety Tempranillo (or fine ink) as it is known in the region in the place known as “Las Viñas de Narros” old agricultural censuses, located in Langa, Avila.

Our grapes grow on sandy loam ground over 870 meters of altitude, with scarce rainfall, and not opting for modern trellises, but for the slightly elevated glass pie franco culture, with big separation between strains to avoid as well their competence, and encourage better absorption of light. As a result, we have this vineyard of height, with a different personality.

Our vineyard is surrounded by pine forests and is very common to find large numbers of birds of all kinds. Among them is one that evokes the joy with his singing: the LARK. We believe that our wines should be like her; Alegre, evocative, conciliatory and even invite us to singing.

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