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Accidental Wines

Origin of the name Accidental wines are named for the way in which they were discovered processing, accidentally. The wine was either buried or submerged without any pretense, but results were excellent. Viña Alondra have decided to recall them trying to be as loyal as possible to their origins. Always starting to recover artisanal and traditional forms of production and ageing of wines, and caring for the most environment-friendly methods, we decided to launch this Read more…

viña alondra los narros


We are not satisfied with maintaining the ancient strains of Grenache, but that increase the surface and plant new strains of variety Tempranillo (or fine ink) as it is known in the region in the place known as “Las Viñas de Narros” old agricultural censuses, located in Langa, Avila. Our grapes grow on sandy loam ground over 870 meters of altitude, with scarce rainfall, and not opting for modern trellises, but for the slightly elevated Read more…


Height Wines

If the good is heaven… better be close! For some time now this part is comes with reference to so-called “height wine”; but, what is meant by this?, where is it grown?, to how much altitude?, how is this wine?, what sets apart it from the rest?… When I was in school a teacher said: “Spain is the second most mountainous country in Europe”; With that phrase I wanted to say that our country was, Read more…

Red wine in la Moraña

The family tradition moved to three brothers to take charge of the winery of his father, a few strains that grow on land of Langa. Viña Alondra is the name of the young red wine and breeding that produce. Read the full article in Spanish